Organically Grown Full Spectrum
Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Products


CBD Hemp Oil Products come in may shapes and sizes, as well as many forms. Understanding the specific brands' qualities will hopefully help you to distinguish between seemingly identical products.

CBD Volume

The four most important of the buying criteria, for many of us, is how much CBD each product contains. Different products offer different quantities of CBD content, and though there is no such thing as "too much CBD," it pays to know exactly how much you are ingesting to get the best results. When checking our products for CBD quantity, make sure to check specifically for how it relates to actual CBD content, and not just overall Hemp Oil, as you will find out more on in the text below.

Hemp Oil Volume

The products we offer are typically measured in two quantities: CBD Oil quantity and Hemp Oil quantity. While the hemp oil has many beneficial properties on its own, when buying CBD from the many product lines, you will need to look specifically at the quantity of the CBD in each.


Along with CBD volume, consider the concentration of CBD contained in each of the products. Concentration refers to the abundance of CBD compared to the total volume of the product. At CBDOilMeds we offer products that range from normal strength to super-high concentrations of the CBD. Naturally, what concentration you choose depends on how much you would like to take each day.

New users are often recommended to take 1mg to 2mg at first, and this would the typical dosage for adults. But depending on your metabolism, weight, and the desired effects you would like to receive, you may want to start off with 3mg, you can always up the dosage or lower the dosage after your body becomes accustomed to it. 

CBD has a maximum efficiency when used consistently, much like a daily supplement. It may take some people longer than others for the body to adjust to the chemical compound found in the CBD oil concentrates. And the best part is, there are no psychoactive or dangerous components of CBD oil, so you can safely up your dosage to find your optimal concentration.

Again, if you are just starting off, the tried and tested approach is 2-3mg of CBD, taken daily, for a week. If you don't feel strong benefits by then, you should probably double the dosage, and repeat for another week until you hit the "sweet spot" that makes you feel renewed.