Welcome to Dose of Nature, where Nature and Science meet in a healthy way.

We take the best that Nature has to offer and package them in proprietary ways for Dosing that yield the most bioavailable nutrients in the market. Hands down! Dose of Nature specializes in the state-of-the-art delivery of nutrients which provide:

Low-Dose Oral Consumption
Water Soluble
Rapidly Bioavailable at cellular level
Advanced Cellular Hydration

The Dose of Nature logo is based on a Natural solution to meet the triple bottom line of Sustainability. This concept states that businesses shouldn’t just be focused on its own financial condition or the economic bottom line: businesses need to balance that with stewardship for the environmental bottom line and the societal bottom line. If a business isn’t working toward improving all three bottom lines together, then it is not sustainable long term for humanity, and ends up being a parasite to the world.

At Dose of Nature, the logo symbolizes our commitment to:

  • Natural health and healing by the three leaves rotating clockwise around the hub of a person running.
  • The Green Leaf symbolizes not just the economic bottom line, but more clearly, the growth of the business through helping others.
  • The Blue Leaf symbolizes the environmental stewardship we have with the Blue of purity of sky and water.
  • The Red Leaf symbolizes the stewardship we have for each other in society, through Red for charity and love.
  • The Yellow person at the middle symbolizes finally the Sun, and the integrity that we must have in dealing with each other.