Hemp Honey Liquid CBD Vape Oils are very popular, and they are extremely unique in the CBD vape market. The reason being is that they are a multi-purpose product. With an organic vegetable glycerin as it’s base, these vape oils can be used sublingually as a tincture/drop, and can also be used topically. Made with organic flavorings and CBD Hemp Oil, these products are as healthy as they are tasty! Each bottle contains 150mg of CBD!

Different Ways you can use Hemp Honey CBD Vape Oil


Hemp Honey used via vaping is quick acting and much safer for your lungs and oral tract, since CBD vaporizers produce only vapors and no smoke.


Hemp Honey used as a tincture can be absorbed sublingually (under your tongue), which means that they act quicker than some other forms of CBD products (like capsules). Additionally, you can mix the CBD tincture with any drink during the day, offering you variety and many ways to take it as you see fit.


Hemp Honey used topically can offer a unique usability that no other CBD product does. With Hemp Honey as a topical, you can target specific points of stiffness on your body. CBD is absorbable through the skin, making these topicals a great means of directly alleviating an ache you might have.