The only thing better than a perfect cup of coffee that lifts your energy, is a perfect cup of coffee that lifts your energy and your health. The coffee beans grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica are known around the world by connoisseurs as the finest coffee available. It is admired for its delicate balance of floral aroma, acidity and full body. However, it is the sweet, mellow, lingering finish that elevates this coffee above all others. This is why these beans were selected to create the world’s first hemp CBD coffee.

Because of the unique climactic conditions of the Jamaican Blue Mountains, the coffee produced there is a unique specialty product that Jamaican’s can take pride in and call their own. It offers both the promise of economic growth and self-reliance. Rural poverty accounts for a staggering 82% of total poverty in developing countries. In Jamaica, the rural poor outnumber the urban poor two to one. Coffee is the highest value export crop in Jamaica. In particular, Blue Mountain coffee generates the highest prices in the world. One acre of Blue Mountain coffee yields an income roughly three times greater than the income of an average rural Jamaican. For these reasons, growing and harvesting this particular coffee offers many local farmers an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

Take this wonderful coffee, and infuse it with CBD-rich hemp oil, and you have got yourself something that will easily be the best part of your wake up routine, and/or provide you with an extra-healthful boost when you need it most. So pour yourself a cup of Java Joe’s Hemp Coffee, and get your day started!

**NOW AVAILABLE – JAVA JOE’S HOUSE BLEND CBD COFFEE**from a licensed organic farm in the mountains of Jamaica, Java Joe's Coffee is a premium high-alkaline, medium roast blend that provides a natural and therapeutic boost. Enriched with high cbd hemp seeds, and terpenes, Java Joe’s coffee possesses a uniquely cultured scent and richly sophisticated taste. Enjoying this a full-bodied brew with a Terpene Treat or your favorite biscotti or pastry.

Medium Roast
Terpene Infused
High CBD
Certified Organic