Pan's Ink® is an aromatic tincture made with aromatherapy-grade essential oils which is designed to target the effects of your inhaled products and give you consistent relief. It does this with terpenes- the ingredients that make up your herb's essential oil. Terpenes direct your herb's many different effects, and provide its wonderful lemon, pine, and lavender scents. Pan's Ink can be added to all smoking mixtures.

The Pan's Ink Combo Pack
It's back for a limited time! With this variety pack, you receive all 5 Pan's Ink® mixes:Relax, +Relief, Sensual, Drowsy, Daydream,and Focus!


Drops per bottle: 75
Taste: Flowery, Spicy

Our Newest Ink! Relax helps calm the mind and relax the body using the terpene Linalool!

Do you have anxious thoughts that keep you fixated on the past and future and what might be? Relax helps to boost the calming aspects of your smoking herbs.

May be Useful for: Stress, Anxiety, Pain


Drops per bottle: 75
Taste: Pepper, Earthy

Use this Ink for aches and pains.
With beta-Caryophyllene and Pinene for inflammation and beta-Myrcene for muscle relaxation.

Is Pain Management a part of your daily routine? +Relief™ helps boosts the pain-relieving properties of your smoking herbs. Life doesn't stop when you are in pain. 

May be Useful for: Aches, Pains, Inflammation*

Drops per bottle: 75
Taste: Lavender, 
Earthy, Piney

Perfect for relaxation and anxiety relief.
With Linalool for relaxation and Pinene for focus. 

A favorite of artists of all stripes, Daydream™ inspires creative thoughts, is wonderful for listening to music and enjoying art, and is perfect for a mellow but alert day.

May be Useful for: Daytime, Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Creativity*


Drops per bottle: 75
Taste: Lavender, Sweet,

​Use this Ink before bedtime
With Linalool and Myrcene for deep relaxation. It starts out warm and fuzzy, and smoothly transitions you into a relaxed state where it is difficult to keep your eyes open. 

Drowsy™ won’t put you to sleep, it will just help your body put itself to sleep.

May be Useful for: Relaxation, Anxiety, Stress, Sleep, Pain*

Drops per bottle: 75
Taste: Citrus, Earthy, Piney

Use this Ink for calm and concentration.
With Limonene for calming and Pinene for focus.

Whether it be in front of a computer working or in front of a game concentrating, Focus™ will help keep you mellow and present—the perfect combination for sitting comfortably and concentrating for long periods of time.

May be Useful for: Daytime, Stress, Pain, Relaxed Productivity*


Drops per bottle: 75
Taste: Cloves, Flowers, Pepper

With Linalool to relax the mind and beta-Caryophyllene to relax the body.

Sensual™ helps us reconnect with our bodies by calming the analytical side of our mind. Feel present and attentive with that special someone.

May be Useful for: Stress, Tension, Apathy*

These statements has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.