Types of CBD Products

CBD Oil is found to be a healthy and an extremely versatile natural herbal substance that can be consumed in different ways. As expected, different product lines offer different benefits and some come with certain limitations, as far as dosing goes. 

Some CBD products are much more potent in terms of concentration, while others focus on ease of use, to allow the consumer to take them on the go. For example, some of the products offer tasty flavors that add to the overall experience of using the herb. While other offer pure High CBD Oil concentrate that can pack a much stronger punch for your health and wellness. Also, some CBD products work together synergistically, while others are designed to be taken along with food or beverage. 

CBD Capsules

These are standard glycerin capsules that contain powdered hemp oil with high concentrations of CBD. These may be the easiest way for some people to take, with the added convenience of being a dry herb. They are tasteless, odorless, and as pills go, easy to carry. The capsule also makes it easier to track your daily dosage, by checking the amount left in the bottle, in case you forget. Each package come with a specific number of capsules (anywhere from 2 to 60 per package). The dosage for the capsules are restricted to the capsule's size, but contains a fairly large amount of CBD. For example, if you are using Dixie Botanical capsules, you may bump the dosage from 25 mg (1 capsule) to 50 mg (2 capsules). Or you may offset this limitation by combining more than one of the CBD products to adjust your dosage, such as a concentrated CBD tincture to optimize your daily dosage.


CBD chewing gums are a another good solution for busy people who want to infuse their lives with the wellness factor of CBD in a convenient way. CBD Gum products are simple to use and easy to transport. It is also a inconspicuous product, with the same limitations as the CBD capsules (by size and CBD content). Like most gum products there are added sweeteners and flavoring, but they are all natural. If you prefer no taste at all then this may not be the best choice for you. You may increase the limitations of this product  by consuming it with one of the other CBD products we offer (usually best with a tincture form). 

CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture is probably one of the most popular and versatile products that we offer of the different CBD forms. There are numerous brands to choose from, as well as different flavors and strengths. And, all are easy to use in terms of dosage precision. The tinctures can be easily increased or decreased by the drop (they all come with a precision dropper). CBD tinctures are easily absorbed into the body sublingually (under the tongue), which means that they act more quickly than some of the other forms of CBD products. They can also be mixed into a beverage or food. (Never boil or cook the herb)

CBD Topicals


CBD lotions, creams, balms and salves are also easy to use, and are a unique way to target specific points of stiffness or inflammation in the body with pinpoint accuracy. CBD is absorbable through the skin, which makes this a great choice for alleviating aches and pain. For example: you can use the CBD cream directly on an achey joint, unlike the oils or tinctures, which need to be taken orally, or vaporized, for the best results.  Since this type is absorbed through the skin, they tend to work slower than most of the other CBD products available, although they do contain high CBD concentrations. 


Those who are looking for the purest, and often the strongest CBD content in the products, often turn to the CBD oil. The oils are more concentrated and contain the highest quantity of CBD in the industry. When compared to all of the other CBD product types, CBD oil typically has no, or very few, added flavorings and comes in a variety of strengths to suit all types of users. The "pure" CBD Hemp Oil has a natural flavor that some may find undesirable. Like the tinctures, the CBD oil can be added to, or mixed in, with other food or beverages. CBD oil is completely safe to use and is designed to use orally as you will see in their individual descriptions. They may look a bit intimidating for beginners, as they are shaped like syringes, but this type of vessel is need for proper dosing (no needle involved). 

CBD Vaporizers

Vaporizing CBD oils are a unique way of consuming the product. Much like the e-cigarette products, they work by heating the oil to a point where it turns to vapor, so it can be inhaled. CBD vaporizers are elegant, lightweight, and among the most stylish of products. They come in two parts, being the vaporizer itself (which you only need to buy once), and the CBD cartridges, or dabs. Our CBD Vaporizers are rechargeable via USB. The CBD oil in the cartridges is specially treated to be easily vaporized with maximum benefits. It is quick acting and much safer for the lungs and oral tract, since it produces only vapor, and no smoke.